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Chain Shield (3)
Chain Shield Pro - The Gold Standard
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Chain Shield Pro

The Chain Shield Pro offers an unmatched blend of performance and protection, designed to cater to professional cyclists’ and bike enthusiasts’ needs. With its advanced formula, this bicycle chain waxing product ensures smooth gear shifts, minimal friction, and improved efficiency, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your ride.

Chain Shield Product (3)

Chain Shield Ultrglide Black

Introducing UltraGlide Black Bike Lube Pro Formula – the next level for cyclists who demand more. With its advanced blend of friction-reducing ingredients, UltraGlide Black Lube Pro Formula provides exceptional performance and protection for your bike’s chain.

Chain Shield UltraGlide Black (6)

Chain Shield Ultrglide Gold

UltraGlide Gold – It is said that “Gold is the currency of Kings”

Introducing UltraGlide Gold Bike Lube Pro Formula – Ultraglide Gold is the Gold Standard for cyclists who demand more.

What Is Different?

Ultraglide Gold is our uniqe recipie combining highly refind Parafin Wax / Teflon and our unique “Aurifrixtal” blend of natural solid lubicants to reduce friction.

Chain Shield UltraGlide Black (8)